Pyramids of Egypt

As the Pharaonic civilization rose up on its lands, the Pharaohs seem to have spread over most of Egypt’s land, that’s why its endless monuments are scattered all around the country.

Egypt’s landmarks are innumerable, and all are magnificent. However, the wonderful pyramids of Egypt happen to be the most mainstream!

Dahshur’s Pyramid

The Pyramid located at Dahshur area was the second pyramid built by the pharaoh Sneferu. Mysteriously, the pyramid rises from the sands of the desert at an angle of 55 degrees and then changes to a more inclining angle of 43 degrees. One theory reads that due to the sharpness of the original angle, the weight that is added above the inner chambers and passageways became too large, which forced the masons to go for a less inclining angle. Dahshur’s pyramid is notable for being the only Egyptian pyramid which still has the outer casing of the polished limestone kept on its surface.

Step Pyramid of Djoser

The Step Pyramid of Djoser which is located at the Saqqara area was the first ever pyramid built by Ancient Egyptians. Constructed during the 27th century BC, like its peers, for the Burial of King Djoser; the ancient pyramid was first built as a traditional, flat-roofed building but was later risen to a six stepped layer Pyramid with 62 meters high. The burial chambers of the Step Pyramid are built underground and hidden in a maze of tunnels.

The Great Pyramids of Giza

Toward the west of Egypt’s buzzy capital city, Cairo, the Giza level is situated as the home to the most celebrated antiquated Egyptian landmarks: the colossal pyramids of Giza!The pyramids were worked more than three decades – by the three rulers; Cheops, his second ruling child Khafre and Menkaure. The Great Pyramid of Khufu, another name for Cheops, is the most seasoned and the main outstanding miracle of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. More than 2 million squares of monstrous stones were utilized to build this pyramid took the Pharaohs over 20 years to complete it around 2560 BC. The pyramid is a staggeringly colossal development that is 139 meters high to make it the biggest pyramid in Egypt and the world.

Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid was built by Pharaoh Sneferu, and is considered to be the first successful attempt in human history to construct a smooth-sided pyramid!The Red Pyramid is the fourth highest pyramid in Egypt, with 104 meters high. The Red Pyramid is a special place to visit due to the lack of the crowds that flood to the Giza Plateau, which allows the needed quietness to contemplate and add some mystery to the place.

At this point you should be persuaded that an Egypt visit has numerous attractions. That clarifies why guests return over and over to take pleasure in the fervor and remarkable environment of this stunning desert nation. Egypt is a memorable place that has pulled in many individuals over the world. It is one of the best places where you can undoubtedly get associated with the old human progress.


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