So you want to see the Statue of Liberty?

The Statue of Liberty is one of the best holiday attractions in the world. You can easily visit this place while visiting New York or New Jersey. There are plenty of tips that you must follow in order to visit this great monument. I am pretty convinced that you will be able to make the most out of your trip by following the below mentioned tips. You must pay proper attention towards the points given below carefully.

Book the Tickets well in Advance
You got to ensure that you book your tickets well in advance. You should avoid going for last minute bookings as they are not just expensive but quite difficult to get as well.

Avoid the peak seasons
You should avoid visiting New York during the peak season as this is the busiest time to visit. You must avoid weekends as well as they are crowded too.

Safety Checks
You should always be prepared for safety checks which are just like airport style. You need to pack all the clothes efficiently so that no issues bother you later on.

Bring a Picnic
You need to ensure that you pack in essential items only. If you are planning to enjoy a picnic with your family then you need to ensure that you plan everything beforehand.

Have some free time
Another crucial thing that you must do is to ensure that you have some free time to enjoy the day to the fullest. You need to be very careful while planning your trip. Make sure you have ample amount of time for visiting Statue of Liberty.

Pack essentials for all kinds of weather conditions
You must reassure that you pack essential clothes and accessories for all kinds of weather conditions. You need to visit this great monument with your entire family. Therefore, you need to plan your travel well in advance by getting in touch with a suitable travel agent.

The main element is having a good stop by at the Statue of Liberty you must give yourself the required time. An average day is approximately five to six time which would add a visit to both statue and Ellis Island. However, if you want to visit Liberty Island only, you should allow about 2-3 hours. You need to have a ferry drive to Liberty Island and there’s always a fall into line for the ferry, especially during peak holiday months. It is strongly recommended that you will get to the ferry about two time prior to your travel to make certain you arrive promptly. Trips must be booked and it might be a waste material if you didn’t get there promptly and couldn’t complete the travel.

So, this was all that you should know about the beautiful Statue of Liberty. If you want to know anything more about the history of this place then you can consider hiring a guide. He would surely offer you great help in regard to this topic. For any other information you can surf the net and plan your trip. With the right help and guidance you can definitely check out some fine options in this regard. Enjoy a lot during the trip!


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