Tour of the Taj Mahal

India is studded with priceless experiences. Among the various tours and experiences in India, the Taj Mahal Tour has enjoyed a following of domestic and international travelers. The city of Agra has also gained recognition due to monuments which are today part of the World’s Heritage. Contrary to popular belief, the city of Agra is not about the Taj Mahal alone, but several other breathtaking monuments as well. There is beauty all over the city, and Agra has never failed to inspire. Here are some of the most salient monuments of Agra.

Taj Mahal
This has been given the title ‘The Epitome of Love’ the world over. People swarm to the Taj Mahal wondering what it is about this monument which is so grand. Although it looks a tad underestimated in pictures, a look at this monument leaves you short of breath. At first glance, you are overwhelmed by its sheer size which is trivialized in pictures. Approaching closer, you notice that the sheer white actually exposes a gentle play of color by way of details, inlay and precious stones embedded into it. The Taj Mahal may have been built as a mausoleum, but its beauty transcends way beyond. Fine calligraphy details Islamic verses, while delicately carved lattices and designs expose some of the sophistication of the time. The precious stones are so clear and so large it is hard to believe they are real. A closer look will help you understand why two and decades and thousands of crafted artisans went into making this colossal beauty.
Agra Fort
The Agra Fort is located on the banks of the river Yamuna. You simply cannot afford to miss this sight on your Agra Tour. The fort itself is gigantic, and its size is reinforced by a robust wall which is over twenty meters high. There is a double rampart provided, which incorporates bastions within short distances of one another. If you think that the fort was only built for protection, your theory will soon be disproved. Several wings, rooms, and spaces within the fort expose some of the most refined taste in architecture, which is startling considering it was built way back in time. The Diwan-I-Am has intricate screen work made predominantly with the use of the jali style makes for the public hall. The rooms where Shah Jahan retired for the night are distinct as they were made entirely with the use of marble. The Sheesh Mahal stands out for more than one reason. The first, as the name suggests is for its generous use of colored glass and attractive mosaics. The second being the fountain which is like an oasis for the senses.
Jama Masjid
Just opposite the Agra fort, you will be greeted by the Jama Masjid, a mosque built by Shah Jahan to patronize his favorite daughter Jahanara Begum. Built in 1648, this architectural beauty also notices a significant audience for its tasteful architecture and complexity. The main feature of this structure is the grand entrance to the masjid, which stands forty meters tall – the Buland Darwaza. This entrance has historical significance, as it was built as part of the celebration of the victory of Akbar in one of his most trying military endeavors. The ‘Friday Mosque’ as this monument is otherwise known, has a lesson in culture, history, and architecture to go with



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